Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices

Blue Cabinets

Blue is nature’s favorite color. The sky is blue and the sea as well. Just looking at the sky and the sea, you can feel the peace and tranquility that comes with it.

Blue is relaxed

When you paint your farmhouse kitchen cabinet with blue, it brings in a relaxed feeling. Whenever someone steps into your kitchen, they will meet the exceptional tranquility that comes with a blue color. It helps in reducing anxiety, and it reduces high blood pressure because of its relaxing nature.


Blue can also stay on your kitchen cabinet for a long time before you start feeling the need to repaint. It does not fade quickly, and it maintains its elegant look for many years.


Blue can also blend well with many other colors, and it will still bring out an exceptional look in your kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen wall has a dull color, you could paint your cabinet with blue color, and you will still get perfect results.

Cooling nature

Blue has a cooling effect, and it is helpful during hot weather. It helps in dealing with hot flushes. However, it has a cooling effect when used to paint the whole room, and not to paint the kitchen cabinet only.