Kitchen Backsplashes

70 Awe Inspiring Backsplashes for the Perfect Kitchen Upgrade

Mix-and-Match Subway Tile

If you’re looking for that sophisticated feeling of subway tiles without the uniformity, try to insert a pattern, or mix up patterns on your wall. Either way, it will be sure to give a stunning effect.

Offset Marble with Mixed Mosaic Tiles

Who says you can’t mix your tile types? Adding these little mosaic-esque tiles and a shelf onto your kitchen backsplash is a sure-fire way to get your kitchen noticed! And mixing subway tiles adds even more depth into your backsplash. And interchanging your material types, like adding metallic tiles into the bunch, can give your backsplash such a unique look.

Dark and Dreamy

We all know that white on white will be a classic for years to come but make way for black on black! It’s not as dreary as you would think. Instead, it adds a professional and sophisticated flare that is as bold and commanding as the people who put the backsplash up! This backsplash is a spin on the already popular herringbone subway pattern by giving it a matte finish to contrast with the countertop.

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